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About the Storage Bridge Bay Working Group 

The objective of the Storage Bridge Bay Working Group (SBB) is to create a specification that defines mechanical, electrical and low-level enclosure management requirements for an enclosure controller slot that will support a variety of storage controllers from a variety of independent hardware vendors (“IHVs”) and system vendors. Any storage controller design based on the SBB specification will be able to fit, connect, and operate within any storage enclosure controller slot design based on the same specification.

Standardization based on the SBB specification will benefit both IHVs and system vendors. IHVs can create a single controller design, based on the SBB specification, which is compatible with a number of disk enclosures, resulting in lower development costs. System vendors can devote more of their resources on innovation and simplicity as a result of the shorter development time enabled by SBB standardization. SBB standardization will speed the delivery of emerging storage technologies, such as iSCSI (Internet small computer systems interface), SAS (serial attached SCSI), archiving and virtual tape libraries.

Decreased cost and faster access to new storage technology are two anticipated benefits for customers as a result of engineering and design process improvements based on SBB standardization. More customers will have an opportunity to deploy advanced storage capabilities, which were previously limited to enterprise-class solutions.

A presentation with more information about the SBB is available in the SBB Press Room for viewing online or download.  If your company is interested in participating in the SBB, additional information about the benefits of SBB participation is available in the Join SBB portion of the website.

You may contact the SBB at:
Storage Bridge Bay Working Group (SBB)
643 Bair Island Road, Suite 103
Redwood City, CA 94043-2755
Phone: (650) 556-9380 x111
FAX: (650) 556-9385